Work has changed, so should your office.

In 2020, millions of people were sent to WFH. The transition was hard at first, but not all bad — with less time on the road, we spent more time with family, picked up new hobbies, invested in our physical health.

By now we've largely figured out how to make working from home work, but we haven't figured out how to also making working together work.

So many offices today sit half empty, and when used, are merely new places to take Zoom calls. New research has shown how powerful being together can be on creativity, culture, and morale — but only when done right.

Our mission is to bring connection to work.

Founded in early 2023, we spun out of a team at Stanford with the goal to bring like-minded companies together and help them navigate this new way of working.

The result: lively, energized office space — with people you know and trust — without all the waste.

We work with companies of all sizes to find workplace solutions that make sense for their teams. If your team is looking for a new office or interested in sharing your own, please reach out!

Meet Our Team